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Mazie Tamyo - President



May (Mazie) Tamyo – Mazie has been with LMT Financial since 2006.  Shortly thereafter Mazie  was promoted to Fixed Income Specialist for the San Diego region.   

Mazie grew up in the Philadelphia area.  As a child  she reveled in competition, over the years basketball allowed her to travel most of the northeast and into Canada.  Her  expeditions did not stop there,  while in college at the University of  South Carolina she took advantage of the student exchange program, which  enabled her to live in Waikiki while attending the University of  Hawaii.  Mazie then took a semester off to backpack throughout  Europe visiting 14 countries and 4 islands. Understanding diversity and  adventuring into unknown territory has been, and still is one of her  true loves.  

After graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Finance, Mazie  carefully considered her many career offers across the United States but  was ultimately drawn to the warm climate and laid back atmosphere here  in San Diego.  

She now specializes in retirement planning as a fixed income  specialist, and currently still manages her existing client’s financial  ne

Matt Cortes - Vice President



Matt Cortes joined the LMT team shortly after college graduation in 2011.  He  attended the University of California Santa Barbara where he received  his degree in Financial Mathematics and Statistics.

Throughout his four years in college, Matt was a member of Pi Kappa  Alpha.  He feels that belonging to a fraternity gave him a greater  understanding of loyalty and commitment.  His outgoing personality and  his tenacious drive to be successful made his transition into the sales  team at LMT seamless.

Matt’s clients have declared he is one of the most down to earth  account executives on our team.  They have commented that he explains  things in layman’s terms, allowing them to really understand how their  life insurance and investments work.  He has a special talent in this  area that even his peers admire.

Matt is a San Diego native so naturally he enjoys spending time at  the beach with family and friends.  He believes in staying active and  leading a well balanced life between work and play.