Are you confident you have a predictable steady income for life? 

About Us

LMT has  been in the financial industry since 1991 specializing in  insurance, retirement planning, and investments.  The San Diego branch was under Promark Financial until 2010.  We have earned the  reputation of being one of the most successful sales organizations for  top carriers in the industry.  In our business, we’re only as good as  the company we keep.  That’s why we’ve developed solid, long-term  relationships with companies that are top-rated with a minimum “A –  Excellent” rating from AM Best, Standard and Poor’s & Moody’


We commit to create outstanding value to our clients and team members by providing exceptional service, training, innovative products and strategies that will enable them to achieve a better life and help others. 


In 1991, LMT joined forces with Promark Financial and came onto the  scene with a new and innovative way to do business in the financial  market.  LMT pioneered the way for business owners to utilize  tax law “empowerment zones” to receive tax credits or vouchers hence  saving them tens of thousands of dollars.

As LMT grew they expanded their  client base to the largest group; the baby boomers who are the  wealthiest group to enter pre-retirement and retirement years.  In addition, to keeping middle America as their primary focus.  

Today LMT offers a wide range of financial products and services  ranging from investments to indexed annuities.  By having a Registered  Investment Advisor* on staff we have the ability evaluate your  portfolio, make unbiased recomendations and recommend products that  insurance agents and other non-security licensed individuals cannot.