The retirement planning team at LMT is confident we create value for each and every client not only monetarily, but also through with peace of mind that they clearly understand how their accounts work.  We pride ourselves on building relationships that last a lifetime, at LMT we meet with our client’s on an annual or semi annual basis to update and review every policy.  Our client’s understand the complexity of their annuity policies and life insurance policies, and since we never charge consulting fee’s, our client’s can walk in our door as often as they want.  The road to retirement can be extremely long if you don’t have someone leading the way.

Fee Based Investment Advisor Services - Would you like to sit down with a Registered Investment Advisor Representative and have an unbiased review of your portfolio?  Schedule an appointment today to sit down with one of our Registered Investment Advisors!

401K Rollovers

Did you leave behind your 401K plan when you left your last job?  At LMT, we are dedicated to making sure your money is working for you.  Americans work hard for their money and so often when someone changes jobs, they leave their old 401K’s behind.  Unfortunately, these accounts may become stagnant and  you may no longer have control of your money,  but more importantly your money is no longer working for you. Usually it is simply because client’s don’t know how to move it into a more profitable account, or they just don’t know their options and tax liabilities.  At LMT our professional’s utilize our experience to customize each recommendation to the client’s specific needs.  We analyze every clients individual needs and goals in order to personalize their portfolio to them.  Attend one of our monthly retirement workshops to learn more!


Many professionals spend the bulk of their careers focusing on the accumulation stages of their clients retirement funds, neglecting the equally important preservation and distribution phase.  When planning for your retirement it is important that you ask an expert to help guide you through the many hurdles and decisions that need to be made.  At LMT, our team of experts focus on the preservation and distribution phase of your retirement funds, ensuring that your dollar will go as far as possible and make sure you do not miss any of your RMD’s (required minimum distribution).  Staying compliant with the IRS is an important factor in your retirement plan and we’ll make sure you know the rules.  We work closely with all of our clients and develop life-long relationships with each family we help.  The products we recommend are the same one’s we recommend to our own family and friends.  We are constantly finding innovative ways to plan for your future regardless of your age or income.


Outliving your income is one of the primary concerns many Americans are facing today.  With the increase of technology and the advancements in medication, the average life span is continuously increasing.  If you are nearing retirement or already retired, and want to alleviate the stress of not knowing if you will have enough money to last you a lifetime; an annuity may be the answer for you.  There are different types of annuities so dependent upon your stage in life is in accordance with which type is best for you.  How would you like to participate in stock market gains without taking on any market risk?  Sounds too good to be true?  Well its not, todays variety of Fixed Index Annuities offer high bonuses, high caps and low surrender charges with the ability to start income when you are ready!  Sit down with our fee based Financial Advisor today for a review and an unbiased assessment of your annuities or before you make a decision and have the peace of mind knowing you made the right one!  Regardless of whether you are still saving for retirement or already receiving income, a specialist at LMT Insurance Services can always recommend a safe and secure savings program that will outpace inflation and provide you with an income you can NEVER outlive.

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