The retirement planning team at LMTFCC is confident that they create value for each and every one of their clients not only monetarily, but also through the peace of mind that they clearly understand how their accounts work. We pride ourselves in building relationships that last a lifetime, and annually sit down with you in the comfort of your own home to go over any questions you may have or to make any necessary changes. The road to retirement can be extremely long if you do not have someone leading the way.


At LMT Insurance Services we understand the importance of protecting and providing for your family, but with so many goals to save for ? a house, the kids? college tuition, your retirement, occasional vacations and a small emergency fund ? it?s easy to feel there?s just not enough money to do it all. A major illness, an extended disability, or the loss of a life could wipe out your financial reserves, and any prospect of being able to save enough to achieve your other goals. You don?t have to walk this road alone, let one of our life advisers put you on the right track. We?re there to protect you at the worst of times, and there to congratulate you at the best of times.


At LMTFCC we work with large and small business owners to empower them to succeed at the highest levels. By gaining an understanding of your specific goals and challenges, we can custom design different programs to maximize tax mitigation, succession planning and asset protection. We pride ourselves on being able to accomplish this without any change to your business structure or the way you operate your business. Your advisers are always included; a team approach is utilized to ensure your confidence and peace of mind

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