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LMT Financial Consulting Concepts (LMT) was founded by Lance Tamyo, he brings over 21 years of personal experience with the organization.  Mr. Tamyo is a direct disciple of Leonard Aoyama who was a respected Pioneer in the industry and original founder of Promark Financial.  LMT has been in the financial industry for over 21 years specializing in insurance, retirement planning, and investments. We have earned the reputation of being one of the most successful sales organizations for top carriers in the industry.  In our business, we’re only as good as the company we keep.  That’s why we’ve developed solid, long-term relationships with companies that are top-rated with a minimum “A – Excellent” rating from AM Best, Standard and Poor’s & Moody’s.


We commit to create outstanding value to our clients and team members by providing exceptional service, training, innovative products and strategies that will enable them to achieve a better life and help others.


Deregulation in the late 1980′s was the catalyst for massive change in the financial service industry.  Banks no longer had the advantage over mutual funds, insurance companies, or stock brokers.  All financial institutions had an open invitation to compete on a level playing field.  The expansion of technology was creating an aggressive industry that focused on acquiring only high net worth clients.  No competitive differentiation existed and anyone outside the high-end market was overlooked.  The focus was on the wealthiest clientele and how to acquire them.

In 1991, LMT joined forces with Promark Financial and came onto the scene with a new and innovative way to do business in the financial market.  Instead of targeting the high end clientele, they catered to the needs of the middle market by providing the same service and aid that high-end clientele would receive; to a client base who had never had such service.  LMT pioneered the way for business owners to utilize tax law “empowerment zones” to receive tax credits or vouchers hence saving them tens of thousands of dollars.

As LMT grew by servicing the middle market, they expanded their client base to the largest group; the baby boomers who are the wealthiest group to enter pre-retirement and retirement years.  They had been neglected by the financial service industry and thus needed immediate attention.  This was seen as a massive opportunity for LMT to once again serve those who were under-served.

LMT, which expanded to LMT Insurance Services in 2009, also found a unique way to reach other groups and demographics that were being overlooked.  One key group is the Latino market.  The economic impact this group has on the market will significantly change the landscape of the financial service industry.  LMTIS’ expansion into San Diego County is proud to be one of the first to provide services and aid to these new and growing markets with a dedicated team of professionals committed solely to their needs.

Today LMT offers a wide range of financial products and services ranging from investments to fixed annuities.  By having a Registered Investment Advisor* on staff we have the ability evaluate your portfolio, make unbiased recomendations and recommend products that insurance agents and other non-security licensed individuals cannot.  Come in today for a free consultation or schedule an appointment with our fee-based Investment Advisor Representative for a review of your portfolio.

LMT prides itself in being innovative in not only the financial sector, but also in our community and environment.  In our efforts to be a “Green Company”, our San Diego office has switched to using solar panels for a cleaner and a more renewable source electricity.  Another effort to become a greener company lies in our recycling program. LMT not only helps its clients with their needs, but we also help our environment to ensure a greener future.


*Advisory services offered through Harbinger Asset Management, LLC a
Registered Investment Advisory Firm. Securities offered through Triad Advisors, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC

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